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Reducing vacancy rates in the social care sector requires funded research now

By Niamh Daly Day / May 29, 2023
Reducing vacancy rates in the social care sector requires funded research now As an academic who thinks that research can have a positive impact I am always seeking the core challenges worthy of research, and the money to do that research properly. At a recent conference on the future of Social Care in Scotland I… Read More

IFIC Scotland: Looking through the Rear Mirror

By Admin / December 21, 2022
As we reflect on 2022 our highlight was undoubtedly reconnecting with IFICs global community at ICIC22. Marie Curran supported IFICs communications team by recording voices of lived experience from across the globe to ground the opening plenary. Vicki Cloney and Ann Wardlaw were runners up in the Patient and Caregiver award for their paper about… Read More

A look back on Self Management Month 2022: Celebrating Change

By Niamh Daly Day / October 13, 2022
         A look back on Self Management Month 2022: Celebrating Change The ALLIANCE hosts a national self management awareness raising campaign each year. This year, it took the form of Self Management Month , running throughout September and focusing on Celebrating Change as its central theme. Throughout the month, we hosted a… Read More

Health and Social Care Reform in Scotland – What Next?

By Niamh Daly Day / January 27, 2022

Health and Social Care Reform in Scotland – What Next?   A New Year is a time for reflecting on achievements, identifying new goals and making resolutions for the year ahead. This year, our resolutions are all about the 3 Rs: Recovering health, mental wellbeing, social and economic activities for people and communities; Remobilisation of…

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Sing the Change: What a Wonderful World Connected and Distant

By Niamh Daly Day / November 2, 2021

Sing the Change: What A Wonderful World Connected and distant After eighteen months of restrictions and working from home with the daily commute from bedroom to workstation feeling the norm it was time to surface and try something new. For this I joined the Rock Choir and turned up to taster session not really knowing…

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Reflections of a Patient – “One Of The Team”

By Niamh Daly Day / October 19, 2021

Reflections of a Patient –  “One Of The Team”   IFIC has really embraced person-centred care, and I believe this is the first conference I have been to that has such a high proportion of patients and caregivers. 300 of the 1000 attendees were patients or caregivers, which is fantastic. Congratulations to IFIC for making…

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Journeying towards a Compassionate Community

By Niamh Daly Day / October 7, 2021

Earlier this year, we published our first blog “Reflections in a Time of Crisis: What it Takes to Manage and Lead Integrated Systems of Care”. In our second blog, we expand on the leadership lessons we are learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and consider how leadership and management are changing to shape the future of integrated care and, ultimately, population health.

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Community Hospitals: Embedding Covid-19 positive impact changes through shared learning

By Miriam Galvin / June 29, 2021
Community Hospitals (CH) made important contributions during the Covid-19 response, demonstrating flexibility, resilience and innovation. CH are local hospitals, often rural, with around 500 throughout the UK. The Community Hospitals Association (CHA) wanted to share this learning and was successful in accessing funding for this project. The project aims to describe, support and promote innovation… Read More

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Integrated

By Miriam Galvin / April 27, 2021
As I reflect on my tenure as chair of the Chief Officer Group, Health and Social Care Scotland (HSCS), I’m reminded of the prophetic final words in my previous Chair’s Report, ‘2020 will be perhaps the most challenging year in our integrated landscape. Marshaled well, it will capture the best of us and help create… Read More

iSIMPATHY: Making Medication Personal

By Miriam Galvin / March 16, 2021
The average person aged over 70-years lives with at least three long term conditions and is likely to take multiple medications. Our outlook on life can change as we get older. Older people often express what matters most to them in terms of relationships and autonomy. How might what’s important to them impact on the… Read More

Frailty Matters

By Miriam Galvin / February 25, 2021
IFIC Scotland’s end of year blog mentioned our ‘Frailty Matters’ project, funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing. I am pleased to share some more detail about this innovative collaboration between the ALLIANCE, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), IFIC Scotland and the Queens Nursing Institute Scotland (QNIS). Frailty… Read More

Celebrating Learning and an Inspiring Community of Practice

By Miriam Galvin / January 11, 2021
On the 12th November ten students from the MSc Leading People-centred Integrated Care at the University of the West of Scotland joined me in a conversation with IFIC Scotland’s Reference Network.  The virtual session was organised to allow the students to share their experiences of participating in the Masters programme, now in its 3rd year.… Read More

IFIC Scotland 2020 Year in Review

By Admin / December 23, 2020

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….. that pretty much sums up 2020. The dreadful global impact of COVID-19 disrupted our workplan but IFIC Scotland still managed to achieve some key milestones. In March we successfully concluded our Transforming Together project with colleagues from São Paulo State Secretary of Health…

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Congratulations to IFIC Scotland partners in the Scholl Academic Centre

By Miriam Galvin / November 25, 2020
“Congratulations to IFIC Scoland partners in the Scholl Academic Centre for launching the final report of a comprehensive Needs Assessment for the Isle of Man Plan for Integrated Palliative and end of life care” On Monday 23rd November 2020 Hospice Isle of Man was delighted that Minister for Health and Social Care, David Ashford formally… Read More

Continuity and coordination of care at the heart of integrated people-centred health services (IPCHS)

By Miriam Galvin / September 28, 2020
There are many descriptions of integrated care. I particularly relate to one framed by National Voices: ‘’My care is planned with people who work together to understand me and my carer(s), put me in control, coordinate and deliver services to achieve my best outcomes.”  It speaks of a collaborative approach to achieve what really matters to… Read More

Deafness and Dementia

By Miriam Galvin / September 28, 2020
Deafness and Dementia a review by Anne Hendry Communication matters. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, communication has been of critical importance at all levels, from policy to public health messaging and in practice. Now more than ever we must provide clear information and advice and listen carefully to what really matters to people. With the introduction… Read More

Solidarity, Health Equity and Integrated Care: Our COVID-19 Compass

By Miriam Galvin / April 20, 2020

How can we plan for a post pandemic future that better supports the poor and the underserved? Hard questions for any society, even tougher for low and middle income economies with high levels of social inequality and where the policy discourse is rarely followed by change at pace.

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SIG Intermediate Care

Advantage JA partners collaborate with IFICs Intermediate Care SIG

By Miriam Galvin / April 2, 2020
Advantage JA partners collaborated with IFICs Intermediate Care SIG in a scoping review and international Delphi study to define the characteristics of intermediate care models including transitional care. The consensus paper has now been accepted for publication in Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. Thanks to all our expert partners from 18 countries in Europe, North, Central… Read More

Professor Anne Hendry appointed BGS Deputy Honorary Secretary

By Miriam Galvin / December 3, 2019

Congratulations to IFIC Senior Associate Anne Hendry who has been confirmed as the British Geriatrics Society (BGS) next deputy honorary secretary.
Based in Scotland, Professor Anne Hendry is currently a Senior Associate for the International Foundation for Integrated Care and is involved in the European Joint Action on Frailty. Anne chaired the organising committee for ICIC15 in Edinburgh and in 2016 took up a new role as IFICs Senior Associate in Scotland.

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IFIC Scotland Autumn Update

By Miriam Galvin / October 30, 2019

IFIC Scotland, the Scottish hub for the International Foundation for Integrated Care, continues to expand its Scottish network of professionals, people with lived experience, academics, policy makers and organisations involved in implementing integrated care in Scotland.

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Health and Social Care integration: progress review

By Miriam Galvin / February 14, 2019

Final report from the Ministerial Strategic Group for Health and Community Care reviews the progress and draws together the proposals for ensuring the success of integration.

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IFIC Scotland travelled to Brazil for the beginning of a new collaboration with São Paulo State Health Department

By Miriam Galvin / February 11, 2019

IFIC’s Dr Viktoria Stein recently joined colleagues from IFIC Scotland in a new collaboration with São Paulo State Health Department as part of their ambitious state-wide Health in Action Programme.

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Public Health England launch first Atlas of Variation

By Miriam Galvin / November 27, 2018

The move is part of the NHS’ on-going review to ensure people living in all parts of the country have equal access to services according to their need. The Atlas of Variation series has previously been used to highlight variations and act as a springboard for releasing resources for re-investment.

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How IFIC Scotland are supporting Special Interest Groups and the Integrated Care Academy

By Fiona Lyne / January 30, 2018

Here Dr Anne Hendry talks IFIC Scotland, and its work to develop a broad spectrum of new special interest groups as well as deliver education and training activities via the IFIC Academy.

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A settling year for IFIC Scotland

By Miriam Galvin / December 12, 2017

2017 was a fantastic year for IFIC Scotland. First we found a new home in the International Centre for Integrated Care (IC4IC), hosted by the University of the West of Scotland, with IFIC and the Health and Social Care ALLIANCE Scotland as our founding partners, and supported by an enthusiastic cross sector Advisory Board. More stories and pictures of 2017 will be shared in our January newsletter.

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