Video: Breakfast With The Chiefs

By Miriam Galvin / October 25, 2019

Making integrated care a reality is one of the most important opportunities in front of us. It is time to improve the experience and outcomes of care, value for money, and to fundamentally shift where and how care is accessed and provided. In many ways, the opportunity in front of us is a universal movement for health system improvement.

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The 3rd TransForm conference, Vancouver Canada

By Miriam Galvin / September 19, 2019

At the end of September, Interim CEO Toni Dedeu and senior researchers Nieves Ehrenberg and Monica Sorensen will travel to Vancouver, Canada to the 3rd Transnational Forum for Integrated Community Care (TransForm) conference

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IFIC, two decades bringing about transformational change for people and their health and wellbeing

By Fiona Lyne / May 17, 2019
IFIC, two decades bringing about transformational change for people and their health and wellbeing. The 19th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC) bears the imprint of two decades of transformational change in health and social care provision. The evolution of care service delivery has gravitated from supply to demand. This is reflected in the evolution… Read More

IFIC’s Director of Programmes Dr Toni Dedeu will speak at the PMCA conference later this month

By Miriam Galvin / January 22, 2019

Dr Dedeu, who was invited by the WHO, will be one of the panellists on a session to discuss ‘Comprehensive health system response to NCDs and opportunities for leapfrogging’

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IFIC is delighted to welcome its new Director of Programmes Dr Toni Dedeu

By Miriam Galvin / November 28, 2018

Dr Dedeu is a highly experienced practitioner, manager and decision-maker in both health and social care delivery and is passionate about furthering the advancement of Integrated care

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