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Resilient Communities & New Alliances

The capacity of local communities to deal with public health issues and care needs of community members over their life course depends both on the ability of communities to define and organise themselves, and on the extent to which local, regional and national actors are willing to work together to foster community-driven care and invest in place based initiatives. Social or community capital needs to be built at a local level to ensure that policies are drawn up and owned by those most affected and are shaped by their experiences.

Asset-based community development approaches have been found to support silo-ed services to work in a much more integrated and collaborative way with communities and each other. This is what we call Integrated Community Care – a wide range of asset or strength based practices that share the common aim of improving the quality of care and quality of life for individuals, families and communities with an understanding that this can only be achieved through co-productive partnerships and intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaborations. Crucial to success is a shift to genuine ‘co-production’ with people and communities.

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