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Transparency of progress, results and impact

Just as there is no ‘one size fits all’ model of integrated care that suits all ambitions, situations and contexts, there is no one single tool or approach that can be used to measure the progress, results and impact of an integrated care initiative which consists of a number of interrelated interventions, rather than a single one.

Measuring all the different dimensions is complex and it is further complicated because integration is ongoing and part of the journey to delivering innovative and transformed health and care services rather than the destination. Furthermore, each integrated care initiative needs to define and understand what success will look like and when for the many different stakeholders involved as many outcomes and benefits will only be realised in the medium to long term.

In recent years, the Quadruple Aim and Value-based Health and Care have both emerged as a more rounded way of ensuring that the cross-organisational nature of integrated care is also reflected when measuring and reporting on progress, results and impact. This means that data and information from health, social care and support organisations’ care delivery, care outcomes, workforce wellbeing and satisfaction, together with patient and citizen outcomes and experiences is required for inclusion in such a comprehensive approach.

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