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Henriikka Laurola



Henriikka Laurola
Executive Member

Henriikka worked as a Junior Researcher for IFIC from October 2017 until July 2018 and continues to be engaged as a Junior Associate as well as Executive Team member of the Emerging Researchers and Professionals of Integrated Care (EPIC). At IFIC, she worked closely with the Director of Education and Training Dr Viktoria Stein on EU projects including SUSTAIN, TransForm and The Accessible Quality Healthcare (AQH) project. She also supported the early development of the ERIC network.

Henriikka has a BSc in Social Policy and MSc degrees in Gender Studies and International Development. Specialising early on in topics of ageing and health, her working history includes five years of coordinating national and EU-funded projects for the prevention of elder abuse. In early 2017, Henriikka co-founded a coop called Empowering Old Age Coop VoiVa. The on-going EU project activities of the VoiVa Coop aim to enhance the skills of social and health care professionals working with older people to help identify and prevent elder abuse and build collaborative inter-professional and cross-sectional networks in the European partner countries.