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Competencies for Integrated Health and Social Care by Dr Viktoria Stein


This presentation is part of the International Foundation for Integrated Care’s Webinar Series organized in association with Edgehill University. While there is a plethora of tools and instruments available now to support and foster integration of health and social services (e.g. continuous patient pathways, eRecords, case/care management), little thought is given to the people who need to implement and utilise these tools on a day to day basis. Reflecting on the technical knowledge and skills necessary to work in an integrated health and social system, Dr Viktoria Stein explores the competencies required to implement integrated care and analyses how current education and training approaches fall short of conveying these competencies on all levels. By defining the differences between knowledge, skills and attitudes, and aligning them with the deliverables expected on the different levels of integrated care, this webinar brings to light one of the most neglected topics in integrated care.