ICIC22 Odense

ICIC22 Odense, Denmark – May 23-25 2022

22nd International Conference on Integrated Care

We are very pleased that the 22nd International Conference on Integrated Care will take place in Odense, Denmark, from 23 – 25 May 2022.  The conference is a partnership with Healthcare Denmark in cooperation with Odense University Hospital, Municipality of Odense, Campus Odense and Inspiring Denmark. Denmark is among international frontrunners when it comes to integrated healthcare services.

A coherent and integrated healthcare system is key to solving the demographic challenges and reduce patient length of stay at hospitals. A high degree of coherence means that Denmark can address newly diagnosed cancers with clinical pathways, which connect hospitals, clinics, GPs and the patients. This has already led to remarkable progress in Danish cancer survival.

A coherent and integrated healthcare system with a high degree of digitalization enables real-time sharing of electronic data and makes it possible to initiate early diagnostics and address chronic diseases in new ways, where the patients are empowered and involved in handling their own disease.

Electronic communication and sharing of information enable municipalities, home care staff and the hospital to support older people to stay in their own homes as long as possible. As a result, the patients experience fewer admissions and shorter length of stays at hospital, and the risk of frailty, leading to long hospital admissions, is drastically reduced.

The conference will operate as a hybrid event. While we are very excited to be physically together in Odense, the hybrid formal means that people who do not wish to travel next May can join and present at the conference via video link and present their paper digitally, however a delegate fee and registration will still be required.

Abstract Submission

The scientific committee for this conference has been established from international experts who are leading in the field of Integrated Care. They are accepting paper submissions on research, policy or education and specifically related to the Conference Themes and the 9 Pillars of Integrated Care until Friday, 15 October. The full abstract should be limited to 500 words. All accepted abstracts will be published in the International Journal of Integrated Care (Impact factor 5.120) and recordings of presentations and workshops and all digital posters will be connected to the Knowledge Tree.

Each abstract submitter is asked to choose one of the Conference Themes and which of the 9 pillars that their paper is most relevant to, understanding there will b overlap. This system will enable the programme committee and Special Interest Group leads to group papers together in a way that works best for delegates to navigate the programme and maximize the learning opportunities.

Special consideration is given to papers that can demonstrate active people involvement in either or all of design, implementation and evaluation!

New Submission Format

This year we are also introducing a new supplementary submission format specifically for Real-World Experiences or Case Studies. The traditional written abstract option will continue to be available, but now we will also offer the opportunity for individuals to submit a 5 minute video presentation in lieu of a paper submission. This format may be particularly appropriate to projects and programmes that are incorporating an integrated care approach to the design and delivery of their services. Case Studies for this purpose are identified as compelling stories about integrated care practice based on real-world experiences that will be instructive and of interest to other members of the community. The five minute video should describe your work and the impact it has had on users of the service, paying particular attention to how people and/or communities have been included in the design of the service. The successful ‘authors’ will be incorporated into the programme in the same way as written abstract submissions in the form of an Oral or Digital Poster presentation. The submissions will not be published in the International Journal of Integrated Care but will be included in The IFIC Knowledge Tree post conference.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is the regular advisory committee that oversees the development of the programme and ensures that it balances scientific, policy and practical knowledge and meets the expectations of the members of Integrated Care community and related professional networks.

The Scientific Committee for this conference is formed from almost 50 international experts, policy makers and patient representatives from all over the world and is coordinated by Dr Edelweiss Aldasoro. These Integrated Care experts are part of IFIC’s global network and are a key driver of the movement for change. Scientific Committee members are involved in our Hub’s, SIG’s, ERPIC and other work. We are very grateful for their continued support. Find out more about the Scientific Committee.


Organising Committee

The Organising Committee leads the planning, organisation, implementation and assessment of the conference. The organising committee work alongside and supports the work of the Scientific Committee.

The Organising Committee for this conference is formed from IFIC’s core team led by Fiona Lyne, Conference Director and representatives from our co-hosts Healthcare Denmark in cooperation with Odense University Hospital, Municipality of Odense, Campus Odense, Inspiring Denmark and Patients Included. Find out more about the Organising Committee.

Contact the team

Fiona Lyne
Conference Director
+353 85224 8014

Marije Kraan
Events Manager
Abbey Conference and Events
+353 1 648 6100

Miriam Galvin
Conference Communications
+353 87100 6866

Dr Edelweiss Aldasoro
Scientific Coordinator