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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

IFIC supports a host of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which have been set up by IFIC members to allow the collaboration and development of specific topics within the Integrated Care field. These groups are led by experts in their respective specialist areas and give like-minded individuals the opportunity to make valuable contacts and gain insight and additional knowledge.

The overall aim for SIGs is to promote the development, adaptation or translation of scientific approaches for the specific purposes of integrated care, and/or promote a specific topic within the integrated care field. Topics may focus on research methodologies and certain target groups or similar.

SIGs run independently but receive support from IFIC via its website, which facilitates a blog and discussion forum. IFIC also helps SIGs promote their work via its communication channels including conferences, newsletters, social media platforms, marketing partners and our website.

Join IFIC’s growing SIGs movement, you just need to be an IFIC Member – community membership is free.

Here you will find more information about existing SIGs and their scope and purpose.

Health Economics

Public Health and Population Health Management

Values of Integrated Care

Intermediate Care

Evidence-based Integrated Care

Appropriate Polypharmacy and Adherence in Integrated care

Palliative and End of Life Care

Digital Health Enabling Integrated Care

Children, Young People and Families

Ageing and Frailty

Health and Social Care Integration

Realist Evaluation

Regulating and Inspecting Integrated Care

Self management and Co-production

Advanced Education in Integrated Care

Volunteers and Voluntary Sector

Small Island Systems

Compassionate Communities